Hello! My name is Christopher Brown.

I’m a Scottish Software Developer who now lives in the Bay Area. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 I’ve moved between London and California a few times while working at Pivotal.

I work on the Cloud Foundry development team at Pivotal. This means I work day-to-day on developing the Cloud Foundry and BOSH open source projects. At the moment I work on our internal software security team helping the rest of the development team write more secure software.

My personal development effort is focused on two places: Concourse and Contraband. Concourse is a Continuous Integration server (which I work on with Alex Suraci as he leads the project’s development at Pivotal). Contraband is a side project created in order to collect the software that I’m proud of to differentiate it from the usual junk I write.

In a previous life I was a photographer in a semi-professional capacity. I still love to take pictures but now I can’t justify my love of all things expensive and optical.

Along with photography you can find me loving all things motorsport, all things outdoors, and all things travel.